North carolina CAR accident attorneys

North Carolina Car Wreck Attorneys

You have been in a car wreck in North Carolina, and you need to know what to do.  It never hurts to talk to an attorney.  We handle car wreck cases all over North Carolina, and we will talk to you for free.  So, you have nothing to lose- give us a call.  Regardless, there are a few basic steps to all car wreck and other auto accident claims. 

1.  Police reports- you will likely get more than ten advertisements from attorneys if you were in a car wreck.  Many of the ads will include the police report.  Take a look at the report and make sure that it is accurate.  You will see the estimated speeds of the vehicles, factors that may have caused the wreck.  You will see skid marks and stopping distances.  You can also see if the defendant was charged in the wreck.

2.  Property damage- you need to call your insurance company first.  Tell them what happened in the wreck.  They should help you set up a claim against the other driver's insurance company.  The first fight will be getting your car paid for.  Their insurance company will probably fight you on the value of your car.  Use the NADA as a guideline to determine the price of your car.  Get property damage estimates and see how much damage was done to your car.

3.  Med pay coverage- you may have medical payments coverage on your vehicle.  If so, get them to pay some of your bills.

4.  Medical treatment- if you are in a car wreck don't try and "tough it out".  Go to the doctor to get checked out.  It is better to be safe than sorry.

5.  Lawyers- Frankly, you may not need a lawyer for a fender bender.  We don't take whiplash/fender bender cases, but we will still talk to you to give you some help. 

If you want a more detailed list of what you should do in car wreck cases, you can read my 10 Tips for Handling Car Wreck Cases

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